Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow Developer Will Make A New Sci-Fi Game

You probably remember MercurySteam because of the development of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow and of course the sequel that followed right after that. Some of you may also recall the name MercyrSteam because of “Scrapland” and “Cluve Barker’s Jericho”.

The team is now working on a brand new project about exploring new worlds and fighting strange creatures, which all in all sounds very sci-fi-like. A few months after posting an image on their website, they decided to take it one step further and replace everything with a teaser of their new sci-fi title.

Mercury Steam Entertainment‘s new website for the game doesn’t reveal much (not even the name of the title), but it features a man smoking a cigar while riding his spaceship. There was also an interesting post on NeoGAF that suggested that this could be a reboot of the legendary “Contra” series published by Konami, because the games were also influenced by sci-fi elements later on. Dave Cox, former Konami Head of Studio and producer of  Castlevania: Lords of Shadow series will be also on board.

The developers mentioned that more information would be coming soon and until then, you can head to the games’ website and have a look at some concept art here.

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