It hasn’t taken long for games to pop up on the newly-launched UK version of Kickstarter. What you may not have anticipated is for one of the first to feature farting Orcs. Yes, the Casual Brothers Orc Attack (no relation to the old Amiga title, as far as I can tell) will contain precisely that.

The team are looking for £20,000 GBP to finish up their project, which will be a 1-4 player hack and slash title with co-operative play. If you don’t fancy the fart attacks, you can play in the alternative ‘Magic Mode’ (shown in the other gameplay video below).

As you stomp your way through 15 different levels, your Orc will gain experience that you can distribute between a few light RPG attributes (like strength, or speed).

All of the Kickstarter ‘reward’ levels include a copy of the game, which is aiming for a March 2013 release.

Peter Parrish

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