Sony Online Entertainment is rumoured to be creating a casual MMO based on the Star Wars universe.Ten Ton Hammer reports it has spoken to an inside source from Sony, who has revealed that the creator of MMO Star Wars Galaxies is partnering up with LucasArts once more with an MMO based on the animated series The Clone Wars.SOE plans for the game to run on the browser-based Free Realms engine, which itself is a casual MMO. The game features mini-games and Sony is aiming to introduce these to the Star Wars game.In June Free Realms passed the 3 million player mark and with the Star Wars Clone Wars TV series being very popular with children you must wonder whether Sony will be aiming this MMO towards that market.BioWare is currently developing a much more serious Star Wars MMO in The Old Republic. That game will feature full voice acting from every single character and will allow you to play as a variety of classes for either the Republic or the Sith.What would you think of a casual Star Wars MMO with mini-games? Do you think it’s a risky move to bring two Star Wars MMOs out in such a short space of time? Let us know in the MMO section of our forums

Paul Younger
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