Cat Quest 2 Leveling Guide Level 99

While exploring the lands of Felingard and the Lupus Empire in Cat Quest 2, you might’ve noticed that certain locations are only for high-level players. Dungeons and enemies that denote that they’re level 90+ can seem daunting, sure, but you’ll be able to reach this point in no time. There are, however, a few important things to remember while leveling up, and these are what we’ll take note of in this guide.

Note: You can also check out our official review of Cat Quest 2 for PC. Of course, we’ve also got our guides and features hub to help you out with other concerns.

Quest Complete Level Up

Cat Quest 2 – Quick leveling

Leveling in Cat Quest 2 can be done extremely fast by way of the main missions and sidequests. This is a given as completion would yield the most experience points. Depending on the level requirement or difficulty of a quest, you could end up with thousands of exp. In fact, one particular sidequest which lets you unlock the game’s Golden Chests even yields 99,999 exp.

These amounts are often fixed, so all you need to do is progress through the story to get your just rewards. However, we still need to talk about experience points that don’t have a fixed value. These come from various mobs that you kill. Although they drop silver/exp coins, the amount can still vary depending on their level and one more factor: the gear that you’re wearing.

Yes, that’s correct. When you’re wearing exp-boosting gear, you gain more experience points from mobs. These can come from the Cat Soldier and Dog Soldier gear types such as:

  • Dog Soldier Armor
  • Cat Soldier Helm
  • Cat Soldier Sword

Each piece of “soldier-type” gear increases experience gained by 20%. Since you can wear three of these at a time (weapon, helmet, armor), you can gain a whopping 60% increase.

Cat Quest 2 Leveling Guide Soldier Armor Soldier Gear

Picking up the pace

Either of your characters can wear these items (the dog can wear cat gear, for instance). So, does this mean that you and another player should just happily pick up the exp tokens that drop? Well, the answer is “no.”

Although experience points are shared by both characters (and leveling up affects both as well), the amount of exp you gain from pick-ups will be dependent on whoever’s wearing the aforementioned Soldier gear.

If you’re playing solo, this shouldn’t matter since the AI will never pick up those tokens. Just make sure you’re wearing Soldier gear and you’re good to go. But, if you’re playing with a partner and you’re the one wearing Soldier gear, you should be the one who picks up those exp tokens. That’s because the experience boost will only be present for the character wearing Soldier gear. These boosts won’t affect your partner if they aren’t wearing the aforementioned gear!

Your partner that isn’t wearing Soldier items may pick up exp tokens that give 700 experience points, sure. But, if you’re wearing Soldier gear and you pick these up, you can get 1,000+ exp per token instead! This allows you and your partner to level up faster whenever you’re clearing dungeons and killing lots of mobs.

Cat Quest 2 Leveling Guide Level 99

We hope this leveling guide helps you in your adventures in Cat Quest 2 which releases on September 24. If you’re interested in checking it out, then head over to its Steam store page. As usual, we also have our guides and features hub to keep you covered.

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