EA producer Jim Vessella has let IncGamers know that superweapons are back, and exclusive to the Defense class.When we spoke to Vessella during our recent look at C&C4, we asked about the superweapons – those oh-so-pretty weapons of mass destruction that have been a hallmark of the series from the very first game.”The Ion Cannon will make a return, as will the Temple of Nod,” said Vessella. “Again, we’re trying to create asymmetry in our classes, so as a Defense player that’s kind of your reward for building up a base and defending your base over time. You can charge up that Ion Cannon and use that to your advantage.”Vessella also lectured us on the meaning of the word superweapon. “In terms of superweapons, those are our superweapon structures classic to C&C. The other classes will have superweapons mainly in terms of units. Really powerful units, like the Mastodon. Really powerful units that are unmatched among their classes.””So there are a few different ways you can define superweapon, but in terms of the classic Ion Cannon, that’ll be exclusive to the Defense class,” Vessella clarified.We wonder that only the Ion Cannon was mentioned despite talk of the Temple of Nod, though. Could it be that the story – which appears to see Kane and the GDI working together, at least initially, from that trailer – has finally given Kane access to the Ion Cannon? Considering the emphasis on the two sides and their defining characteristics, we doubt it, but you never know.Check back tomorrow for our preview and the full interview with Jim Vessella. Be sure to take a look at two other bits of breaking news we pulled from our chat with Vessella, one regarding shared units, and the other regarding buddy AI.

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