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CCP removing EVE: Valkyrie’s VR requirement with Warzone

EVE: Valkyrie was one of the first impressive VR titles to appear on the Oculus Rift prior to appearing on the Vive. There’s been a lot of players wanting to get in on the space dogfighting action who don’t own a VR headset and now they’ll be able to join the action.

CCP has announced the Warzone update which will make the game playable on a monitor or TV as well as VR. Players using a normal screen will now be able to fight alongside VR players when the update launches.

Warzone will also be released with a price drop of $29.99 as well as content and features such as a new modular progression syste, new maps, a new game mode called Extraction, and a new reward system.

The Warzone update will be released on 26 September and it’s worth a look as EVE: Valkyrie did make our best VR games list after all.