The Witcher 3’s PC version is generating much debate among nervous PC users, who are speculating about a ‘downgrade’ from builds that were demoed at trade events like E3 2014.

Since IncGamers doesn’t yet have PC review code (and have consistently been told that CD Projekt Red are working on this version pretty much right up to the last minute,) it’s impossible for us to comment too extensively on what the PC version is like. However, it seems fairly clear, from what little footage is available, that changes, particularly to the game’s overall colour palette, have been made to The Witcher 3 since earlier trade demo builds.

Earlier today, a comparison video between PC and PS4 versions posted by German site PC Games Hardware caused more concern to those waiting for the PC release. The video didn’t show much of a difference between The Witcher 3 on the two platforms, which naturally didn’t impress the PC folks too much.

The video was subsequently made private, apparently after discussions between PC Games Hardware and CD Projekt Red themselves. In a post on the company’s forums, CD Projekt’s Marcin Momot had this to say about the situation: “Unfortunately we don’t know how this video was created and what PC settings have been used. It compared an early PC version with a PS4 debug build without the day 1 patch … Something went wrong here and therefore we spoke to the editorial team behind it – we both agreed something is not quite right and while we’re figuring out what mistake has been made, we have removed the video.”

“It simply made the PC version look pretty bad and YT compression didn’t help either. This was not the final build for PC on which we are working till the last moment,” he adds.

Momot restates that the PC version will look superior to the console versions, and cites draw distance, frame-rate, resolution and “exclusive features such as hairworks” as the reasons why. No specific mention of better textures, though.

Another video from the same site, apparently showing an unknown PC build on minimum and maximum settings can still be seen on YouTube. Again, it’s difficult to make final judgements about settings from a compressed video, but tessellation and texture work seem to be the most obvious differences on ‘max.’

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