September 5th, 2017

CD Projekt Red announces The World of the Witcher

world of the witcher

If you’re the world’s biggest fan of The Witcher, you’ll probably want to put down money to pre-order The World of the Witcher.

CD Projekt Red have today announced The World of the Witcher, a hardback book that will act as “companion” to “the Witcher series of games and beyond.” It promises plenty of never-before-seen art for each of The Witcher games, as well as a lot of info about the locales of the games, the creatures and beasts living in them, and the weapons used to viciously murder them. Oh, and it’s being made in collaboration with Dark Horse Comics, who are currently publishing The Witcher: House of Glass series of comics.

I’ve always been a bit of a fan of well-crafted tie-in compendiums, so this particular book might be worth considering. As long as it’s not single paragraphs saying “a griffin is a big monster with the head and wings of an eagle and the body of a lion” next to a concept sketch, anyway, because that would be rubbish. If this actually offers some interesting information and art, and it ties together the games neatly, then it’s not inconceivable that I might pick it up sometime in the future.

The World of the Witcher is due out alongside The Witcher 3 on 24 February 2015, and is currently pre-orderable on Amazon at the cost of $30.18 USD. (It’s worth noting that Amazon claim it’s due out on 17 March 2015, but CD Projekt Red are claiming otherwise.)

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