Cd Projekt Red Denies Claims Of A Cyberpunk 2077 Overhaul In The Works (2)

Although the launch of CD Projekt Red’s latest role-playing game, Cyberpunk 2077, was less than ideal, the sales numbers definitely did not reflect that. Sure, there were plenty of bugs and glitches, but the team is slowly working them out as time goes by. However, that is not to say that a full Cyberpunk 2077 overhaul is in the works. CD Projekt Red has officially denied claims of that happening, after social media began buzzing due to alleged statements from an individual that claimed to be a developer.

According to this supposed developer, the major overhaul of Cyberpunk 2077 was already in the works. The target was to release it sometime in June. As part of the claims, it stated that a large part of the game’s code had already been rewritten. This would supposedly include a substantial amount of “cut content.”


Of course, such claims were unverified and sweeping in nature. That did not stop fans from jumping on it and starting to hype themselves up for it though. While content cuts were part of the development process, there’s no reason to suspect a Cyberpunk 2077 overhaul.

Cd Projekt Red Denies Claims Of A Cyberpunk 2077 Overhaul In The Works (1)

Head of steam

Unfortunately for the studio, the false claims began to gain more traction after a mod enabling fully-voiced romance options for male Vs came into the spotlight. These unused voice lines were looked at as cut content. However, the studio has since rectified those claims. The recordings were done so that the studio could avoid missing anything that would require more recordings.

In order to get ahead of more unsubstantiated claims, CD Projekt Red put out a more explicit statement. Needless to say, it completely debunks the speculation of a big Cyberpunk 2077 overhaul. The statement does not go into specifics, but nevertheless, the messaging is quite clear.

Cd Projekt Red Denies Claims Of A Cyberpunk 2077 Overhaul In The Works (3)

Whether Cyberpunk 2077 requires a significant overhaul is another question altogether. As the game continues to shape up, things will likely take a turn for the better. But for now, the studio remains cautious in light of all that has happened since launch.

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