CD Projekt RED host a cosplay competition for The Witcher 3


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Are you a bad enough dude/dudette to cosplay a character from The Witcher 3? CD Projekt RED have some rewards on offer, if so – like flying around the world with them to cosplay at events.

And yes, I really did just use the word “dudette.” Kill me now.

Anyway: if you fancy cosplaying a character from The Witcher universe – be it Geralt, or Yennefer, or Triss, or whoever – CD Projekt RED want to see it. If they really like your cosplay then you could wind up with $1,000 USD, a replica of a piece of jewellery worn by one of The Witcher characters, a signed Collector’s Edition of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, a piece of concept art from the game framed and signed by its author, and (perhaps most importantly), the opportunity to “attend several game industry events and show your costume to Witcher fans, all expenses paid.”

In short, if you like to cosplay and fancy your chances at doing it semi-professionally, this might be a pretty good way to leap in. Second place will nab $500 USD, the concept art, Collector’s Edition, and jewellery; third place will just net the concept art and the Collector’s Edition.

Amusingly, the blurb at the top of the page reads: “If this is your first time cosplaying a character from a game, don’t worry – even if you think you don’t have what it takes, we might think you do. Fun comes first!” Surprisingly, “fun” isn’t listed in the “What We’ll Be Looking At” section directly below those words, where it’s been abandoned in lieu of “Likeness to character”, “Craftsmanship”, “Presentation”, “Wow factor”, and “Originality.” Although maybe fun will help with the presentation; I dunno.

The panel of judges includes both various members of CD Projekt RED’s team as well as a number of famous cosplayers, who I’ve never heard of before because I don’t particularly follow that scene but who do look vaguely familiar. There’s Eve Beauregard, Nadya Anton, LeeAnna, and Shappi.

If you want to join in, hop on over to this page on The Witcher 3‘s website and get your submission in before 30 October. There’s a short teaser starring Eve Beauregard below if you fancy watching that, too. Costume-wise it’s decent, although the voice-over leaves a little to be desired.

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