CD Projekt Red seems to be planning a new Witcher game

I'm ready to dive into the School of the Tub, myself.

While CD Projekt Red is currently busy polishing Cyberpunk 2077, once it’s finished, a team will begin working on a new single-player game heavily implied to be a new The Witcher game. This news comes courtesy of CD Projekt Red president Adam Kiciński in a meeting with journalists.

Work on the next Witcher title won’t begin in earnest until Cyberpunk 2077 has been officially released. While this new game will be set in the same continuity as previous Witcher titles, it won’t be a direct sequel to The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. And it almost certainly won’t simply be called The Witcher 4, but this early in development, a lot is still likely to change.

Cd Projekt Red The Witcher 4 Next Game

Indeed, it’s unlikely that Geralt of Rivia will be the protagonist of any new Witcher games, as the first three games are considered a finished trilogy. Other Witcher titles in development at present, such as the planned animated movie, instead explore different witchers within this universe.

CD Projekt Red’s two-brand focus all but guarantees a new The Witcher

Kiciński made it clear that CD Projekt Red’s plan is to continue building up both of its big brand IPs — The Witcher and Cyberpunk — with follow-up games, hence why it’s safe to assume that the new title that will enter development is for a new The Witcher. They project the title could take upward of four years to make though.

It’s entirely logical that CD Projekt Red is eager to return to the world of The Witcher. The popularity of the Netflix original series, adapted from the novels by Andrzej Sapkowski, has made this a very potent brand at present. The show’s launch led to a massive spike in people playing The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt on Steam.

Nevertheless, CD Projekt Red is not known for rushing things, and The Witcher 4 is still many, many years from release. Work on Cyberpunk 2077 began all the way back in 2016, and after several delays, the game still hasn’t released.

Regardless, we still have several years of Henry Cavill’s Geralt to tide us over before we finally get to play whatever CD Projekt Red is going to cook up next.