Celebrate Halloween With New Fortnite Ghostbusters skins And Cosmetics (4)

The crossovers just continue to flow over at Epic Games and Fortnite. After the battle royale reaffirmed its ongoing collaboration with Marvel with more content planned, we are also rewarded with even more content. This time around, players can look forward to new skins from none other than the Ghostbusters. Perfect for the month of spooky October. Be it you are an adult fan still yearning for the good old days or a younger fan looking to bust some ghosts, there are now 10 new Fortnite Ghostbusters items available in the item shop.

The different skins and cosmetics unfortunately do not cover the stars of the film franchise themselves. Instead, you will be getting different avatars dressed up in the familiar jumpsuits, black boots, and gloves. Kind of like cosplay, but for Halloween. The avatars do look new, though, and for a Fortnite Ghostbusters crossover, they really do look awesome. In total, there are five masculine and five feminine variants of the skins. There is bound to be a look for everyone.

Celebrate Halloween With New Fortnite Ghostbusters skins And Cosmetics (2)

Looking the part

Each Fortnite Ghostbusters skin will set you back 800 V-bucks, which is pretty much the standard. If you are looking for some value, consider the full pack of either the masculine or feminine skins at just 2000 V-bucks per pack. There are more than just skins, of course. You can rock the proton pack for just 400 V-bucks as back bling. It has the added bonus of an increasing glow with every enemy combatant you eliminate. Or if you prefer, the ghost trap is also available at the same price.

Celebrate Halloween With New Fortnite Ghostbusters skins And Cosmetics (3)

The Fortnite Ghostbusters crossover also brings a proton pickaxe along for the ride. You can grab this baby at 800 V-bucks. For those who prefer to land in style, the Ecto-Glider will set you back 1200 V-bucks. With this and the Nexus Wars going on right now, it is a busy time for players. Better start grabbing them cosmetics before they are all gone.

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