Horse World Online

Celebrate the year of the Wooden Horse with Horse World Online, a brand new horse breeding game that’s needing your help on Kickstarter.

The game is a true love letter to horse fans, simulating nearly every aspect of owning and raising a horse. From raising a horse, breeding for patterns, training for competitions, to even more esoteric details, like adding unicorn horns and designing stables, every conceivable horse related thing has been incorporated into this browser based sim.

And it’s no surprise, since dev Larissa Rintjema has been working on it since 2004(!). Larissa has gone to Kickstarter to finish the job, getting funding to upgrade servers, as well as pay for artists and cover operation costs.

In all sincerity, if you like the idea of this game, make sure to back Larissa on Kickstarter here. And share this to a friend who likes horses, and/or games, or would like to try this out. As Larissa explains, the game will be playable on PCs and smartphones upon release, presumably anything with a browser (say, gaming consoles with good browsers too).

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