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Century: Age of Ashes has been delayed to avoid clashing with Battlefield

It's a gaming battlefield out there.
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If you’ve been looking forward to doing battle while on the backs of dragons, I’ve got some bad news for you. Century: Age of Ashes, the multiplayer dragon battler that was set to release on November 18, has been delayed. You’ll have to wait an additional two weeks to soar through the skies while breathing fire, all because a certain giant publisher is releasing its multiplayer game right around the time of Century‘s initially planned release. It’s only a couple of weeks, so it’s not the most massive of deals, but I’m sure some of you are going to be fairly disappointed regardless.

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Century: Age of Ashes has been delayed to December 2, so you’ll be able to get started on it then. Battlefield 2042 ended up getting its release date announced as November 19, so it’s understandable why the Century devs thought a short pause was in order. In a tweet, Playwing broke down its rationale and stated that it simply wish to space the game out from the industry giant. I suppose, in this instance, an army of humans with guns is too intimidating for some dragon riders.


Century: Age of Ashes delayed until December

The dev also took the time to address a frequent question it received regarding the game’s previous beta. Players have been wanting to know if their level progress from the closed beta would remain intact, but, unfortunately, all progression will be completely reset. This is due to how many changes were made to Century: Age of Ashes‘ progression systems, which made it problematic to attempt to keep everything in play. The dev goes on to share some better, albeit wholly unsurprising news, that players wouldn’t lose access to the skin they were granted during the beta. Beta players will also be given a mystery chest, so, while they’ll lose their progress, they won’t walk away empty-handed.

Century Age Of Ashes Beta

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