Dead by Daylight Chains of Hate Deathslinger

The Deathslinger, Dead by Daylight‘s new DLC character, uses a modified speargun to reel in unfortunate souls. The Chains of Hate update introduces the vengeful bounty hunter and his gruesome inventions for $7.99 and is available today.

On top of that, you’ll also be able to play the new survivor, Zarina Kassir, who can instantly heal fellow survivors from almost certain doom to just a little bit dying. Or she can take you from a little bit dying back to a springy chicken. It does cost her a bit of her own health, though.

Additionally, all of this can be done on the new map, Dead Dawg Saloon, a “settlement on the brutal frontier.”

What can Deathslinger do in the Chains of Hate update?

Formerly known as Caleb Quinn, the Deathslinger is a brilliant engineer with a thirst for vengeance on those who stole his inventions and ran with them. In exchange for filling Hellshire Penitentiary, the warden would find justice for the men who stole Caleb’s stuff.

It makes sense, then, that the new DBD character uses a weapon of his own invention, The Redeemer, as he hunts for victims. With a spear on a chain… of hate, the Deathslinger can reel in his victims. But fear not, as you can still free yourself from certain death. That doesn’t get you out of the woods, however, as you’ll be gravely injured. And thus, the chase begins.

One of the abilities the Deathslinger possesses is Gearhead, which activates upon hitting survivors with a basic attack and allows the nasty bounty hunter to hear metallic sounds, such as a good skill check on a generator, revealing its location as long as it is being repaired.

Dead Man’s Switch helps the Deathslinger when he hooks a poor soul, which blocks generators if the repair progress is interrupted. As long as Dead Man’s Switch remains active, the generator is blocked.

Finally, there’s Hex Retribution, which makes the Deathslinger more difficult to notice to those survivors who just cleansed a dull totem. Even worse, when a dull totem is cleansed, all survivors are briefly revealed.

Zarina Kassir, the quiet filmmaker

Chains of Hate’s new survivor, Zarina Kassir, is a filmmaker who has found herself in quite the pickle. But she does bring some perks that might help her survive. Off The Record, for example, allows her to remain entirely quiet and aura-less after escaping from the hook.

Red Herring does the opposite, in that it creates a loud noise on a generator after being worked on briefly and entering a locker afterward. This may give you and your team the time to focus your efforts elsewhere.

To top it all off, Zarina can also heal her fellow survivors, but it will come at a cost. While she can heal others when she’s at full health, the process will injure her and make her become the obsession.

All in all, the two new characters look like interesting additions to Dead by Daylight. The public test servers reiterate that fact, with streamers showcasing the Deathslinger having voiced their approval. So what are you waiting for? Get deathslingin’!

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