June 22nd, 2017

Champion: King of Fighters XIII pre-orders and beta applications open

king of fighters 13

It looks like the PC’s dearth of fighting games that start with something other than “Street Fighter IV” and end with something other than a random combination of words that may include “Hyper Extreme Super Arcade Edition Turbo” is coming to an end, because you can now pre-order The King of Fighters XIII Steam Edition on – can you guess? – Steam.

It’s due out on 13 September, and right now you can get it for the price of £18.99 – 17% off its standard £22.99 price.

The King of Fighters XIII Steam Edition claims it’s suitable for players of all levels, with everything from 3-on-3 Team Battles through Story through Online through Mission Mode through a Tutorial Mode for newbies. So, er, that’s quite a lot of modes. It also comes with three DLC characters unlocked from the start – Iori with the Power of Flames, NESTS Style Kyo, and Mr. Karate – which bumps the roster up to 36 characters.

But wait, that’s not all! SNK Playmore are also looking for 300 beta testers for a closed beta that will be implemented between 20 August and 29 August. If you want a chance to be one of those 300, hop on over to the registration page and sign up. You’ve got until 18 August (this coming Sunday) to apply.