Champions Online: Gadgeteering Focus

Cryptic Studios has released the latest info about powersets in the upcoming MMO, Champions Online, and this time Gadgeteering is in the spotlight.

A full list of Gadgeteering abilities are lined up for fans to peruse, including skills like Sonic Blaster, Miniaturisation Drive and dreaded Gauntlet Chainsaw:Gauntlet Chainsaw

“Requires 1 power from Gadgeteering or 2 non energy building powers from any framework
Maintained Cone Melee Slashing Damage
Chainsaw Gauntlet uses a glove mounted chainsaw to slash through any targets in your path.
* Deals continuous slashing damage to targets in front of you”

Gadgeteers can also resurrect fallen party members by using their Resurrection Serum ability. Find out more about Gadgeteering at the official Champions site, and read up on the game in our hands-on preview.

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