Champions Online Pre-Order Offers, OBT Date Confirmed

Atari and Cryptic have announced details of the pre-orders for Champions Online, listing US retailers that will be offering special deals.

Each retailer mentioned below has a different offer, but everyone who pre-orders Champions Online at any retailer, not just these, will receive a guaranteed entry to the open beta, which does start 17 August after all.

Gamestop: Access to the Early Start Program, giving players a head start before the 1 September launch. Also, exclusive Insectoid Airfoil costume piece and the Experimental Anti-Graviton Generator flight travel power at character creation.

Wal-Mart: Limited Edition Package with collectible lenticular cover, which also includes a zone map, iron-on decal, and ten additional Cryptic Points.

Best Buy: Access to the Early Start Program, along with an exclusive action figure in-game and a damage resistance item.

Amazon: Additional Cryptic Points, and three exclusive costume pieces: Harlequin Headpiece, Black Knight Helmet, and Grenade Chest Strap.Champions Online will launch in the US on 1 September, although it appears we will see it on 4 Spetember here in the UK.

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