Champions Online: State Of The Game Report

Cryptic Studios developer Chronomancer has released a ‘State of the Game’ report on the upcoming MMO, Champions Online.

He revealed that, thanks to feedback from the community, a new area will be added to the game, complete with test dummies, where players can test skills before committing to them.

In other news, the character and costume creation systems are being simplified slightly and two new areas are opening up on the beta test next week; Players will be able to test Monster Island and Lemuria. The PvP queuing technology has had a revamp, and so has the PvE queuing system, enabling people to get into the content quicker.

Chronomancer also announced that players will be able to chose to skip the tutorial after thye have completed it on their first character.

Find out more in the full article, and don’t forget to check out our hands on preview for Champions Online.

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