Champions Online developers have released information about upcoming additions and changes to the game, along with a launch date for the in-game event, Blood Moon.Developer Daeke recently shared several planned changes with fans in his October update. After reviewing Champions’ first month, he went on to reveal that new mission tracking options were being added, including the ability to share missions over longer distances, and to set primary mission waypoints for a group. Assist bonuses will also be granted to players who help friends complete missions that they do not have themselves.New missions are also being added, as well as a new room in the Power House where players can actually test out powers against enemies.He also announced that the upcoming in-game event, Blood Moon, will kick off on 27 October.In another post, Daeke unveiled the first powers in the new Celestial Power Set. Celestial Powers are based on healing and utility spells. Check out the article to read up on the spells Radiance, Rebuke, Imbue and Illumination. Here’s a sneak peak:RebukeNo RequirementsCharged Ranged Dimensional Damage, Charged HealCall upon dimensional forces to judge your target, healing your friends and destroying your foes.
Tap    * If targeting foe: Single target dimensional damage
    * If targeting ally: Heals targetCharge    * Increases the damage or healing and energy cost of the Tap effectAdvantages    * Admonish – If fully charged, stuns targets around your primary target

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