Changes Made To MoH Due To Beta Feedback

EA has revealed numerous changes to the multiplayer aspect of Medal of Honor due to the feedback from the beta testing of the game.
EA’s community manager Matthew Pruitt confirmed on the official PlayStation Blog that the developer has “learned a lot” from the opinions of the community and that the changes were made “as a direct result of your [community] feedback.”
Firstly hit detection has been vastly improved and tightened up with EA promising the hit detection is much more accurate and that it’s so accurate it’s now possible to shoot someone between the legs.
The ammo crates are no longer the only way of restocking ammo for your weapon, EA has added the feature to allow players to pick up the nearest dead enemy/ally’s weapon and instantly continue the firefight. Previously gamers had to make their way to ammo crates throughout the level to restock the weapon equipped.
Every weapon in the game has been modified and tweaked including changing the zoom spread, damage, stability and more. EA want every weapon to feel and handle differently and these changes have made sure this is the case.
Balancing issues for the Support Actions have been changed to give a fair output for all of them and making them all more difficult to obtain. Along with this the unlock tree has been expanded and balanced to give players a much more varied choice for whatever weapon they choose to specialise in.
Finally numerous crashes and connectivity issues have been rectified along with EA giving the game a “major graphic overhaul” making the game look “even more spectacular than before.” Get the full list of changes and tweaks over on the PlayStation Blog here.
Medal of Honor will launch in October and will be the centre of controversy when it hits, especially after recent comments by MPs demanding the game is banned due to the playable Taliban faction.

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