Although I’d probably be okay with just having the ability to summon swarms of rats in Chaos Reborn, I admit that having other spells does make the game more entertaining. Good news then, that the game has been updated to version 0.24 (in Early Access) with another nine magical abilities.

These include some classics from the original 80s game, like Magic Wood (which can randomly give you a new spell if you hide inside one of the trees) and Vampire (who, by the sounds of things, are still total bastards to fight against.) There are some new ones too, like the Paladin (who automatically attacks an adjacent enemy whenever they attack) and the Fountain of Life (a law spell which can resurrect friendly, nearby creatures.)

Speaking of resurrection, you can now Raise the Dead in Chaos Reborn as well.

In addition to the new magical powers, available once your wizard hits level 12 and above, Julian Gollop has rejigged the staff system and added five new ones. Staffs can now “have various values for spell boosts, hand size and mega-spell cost, and a variety of mega-spells.”

There are a few other changes to the game itself, too:

  • REMATCH: When a game has finished, you have the option to request a rematch. If all players agree, then a new game is started with all the players included. The turn order is rotated so that the 2nd player in the previous match now goes first, and so on.
  • ABUSE MANAGEMENT: You can now report other players for abusive chat messages or player names, and mute them in the in-game chat. In order to do this you must right click on the player’s wizard icon on the top left of the screen to show the options.
  • CREATURE STATS: The values for attack, defence, agility and magic power have been multiplied by 10. This is done to show the buff values given by the totems more accurately. There are some revisions to the mana values of creatures and alignment values. The creature stats info screen now shows stats affected by gooey blob and web. The creature info box on the top right now shows the full stats for each ability (e.g. ranged attack strength and range).
  • SPELL STATS: There are some revisions to the mana values for spells (the mana points you get when the spell fails).
  • BUG FIXES: Quite a few bugs have been fixed. The card burning sticking problem is fixed. A few issues with the line of sight system have been resolved which should make things a bit more predictable.
Peter Parrish

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