Charlie Brooker - sniper elite 3

This is actually how all snipers dress whenever they need to hide in a dark bag of Christmas lights.

Charlie Brooker will get to live the ultimate videogame dream of being able to murder himself in a favourite series. Wait … is that the ultimate videogame dream? I’m not too sure. Anyway, Brooker is quite the fan of the Sniper Elite series, and will now be appearing in a Sniper Elite 3 cameo.

I’m fairly sure he won’t be appearing as Charlie Brooker. I don’t think there’ll be a time travelling World War II mission where your boss says “son, you have to murder Charlie Brooker to prevent Screenwipe.” I mean, that would just be silly. Screenwipe’s good, for starters.

In fact, Rebellion aren’t yet saying what role Mr. Brooker will actually play, other than hinting that it will “appeal to [his] dark sense of humour.” That sounds potentially alarming.

“At one stage it seemed like Charlie mentioned Sniper Elite every few weeks in his Guardian columns and we’re incredibly grateful for his support, so this seemed like the perfect way to say ‘thanks’,” says Rebellion’s Jason Kingsley. Brooker also managed to sneak in a little bit of Sniper Elite V2 footage into his recent(ish) How Videogames Changed the World production.

He took up Rebellion’s offer of a cameo in the game and, as the image above shows, gamely got suited up in full mo-cap gear. Even though that always looks quite ridiculous.

“We had a fun time doing his motion capture scenes and in return have promised to give him one of the first copies of the game in June so he can shoot his character with a sniper rifle to his heart’s content,” Kingsley adds. Confirmed! Videogames promote self-harm! Shocking stuff.

Sniper Elite 3 is due out in June, complete with one Charlie Brooker likeness. Here are some of Paul’s preview impressions of the game from a recent presentation.

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