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Wastelanders, the big new update for Fallout 76, is just around the corner. It was delayed last year to make sure the quality was acceptable, and since then Bethesda has been revealing bits and pieces about it. It has new dungeons, items, and most importantly, NPCs, the latter of which players have been clamoring for since the game released.

The newest location is… a parking garage?

One of the new locations in Fallout 76: Wastelanders is the Watoga Underground. It’s part of Watoga, the City of the Future, and is basically a big, automated parking garage. The goal was to keep the streets clear of vehicles, but now it’s just a derelict, raider-infested dungeon with a bunch of rusty old cars. The Underground seems to feature a lot of wide-open areas with multiple levels, so be sure to look up from time to time. It also looks like the perfect spot for some puzzles, if puzzles are a thing in Fallout 76.

One of my favorite aspects of the Fallout games is exploring the remnants of the old world. When done right, environmental storytelling helps to provide a fascinating glimpse at a world where people tried to make everything better. It always goes horribly wrong, of course, so it’ll be fun to see how exactly a parking garage can prove dangerous. Did someone get locked away in their car and left to starve? Did the garage’s computer go haywire and start packing up people instead of cars? Hopefully, some morbid moments will come out of the Watoga Underground.

Wastelanders Watoga Underground

The Underground isn’t the only new location coming in Wastelanders. Somewhere in the woods, an evil-looking church is now the home of some mysterious cultists. A group of raiders has made its home in a junkyard. And some settlers have created a new home in a cave beneath Spruce Knob.

In addition, Fallout 76 is having a double XP event next week, from January 9 to January 13. Unfortunately, we still lack a definite release date for Wastelanders. All we know is that it will release this quarter.

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