Chernobylite mega patch opens Pripyat area and unveils more mysteries

Chernobylite Web Of Lies Patch Ferris Wheel

Chernobylite has come a long way from its humble beginnings on Kickstarter. It has been in Steam Early Access for just over seven months and now has 50% more content than it did before. Its developer, The Farm 51, also believes the full version will release on PC in the next few months. The latest Chernobylite patch, titled Web of Lies, adds the iconic site of Pripyat, the second part of your search for Tatyana, a new character, and a whole load more.

If you’ve never seen Chernobylite before, you should read our preview of the game before continuing. Once you’ve done that, you can take a look at the Chernobylite Web of Lies patch trailer below.

Risk vs. reward

The new update adds some interesting new areas to the game, like the amusement park and Ferris wheel of Pripyat and Lenin Square. It also makes changes to existing ones. Buildings that were abandoned have been converted into a mysterious scientific military facility. It’s intriguing, but remember that Chernobylite is a survival game at its core. Explore them at your own peril.

There’s also a new fractal world that will let you delve further into your investigation on the whereabouts of your missing girlfriend, Tatyana. It will shine more light on past events and answer some lingering questions.

Chernobylite Web Of Lies Patch New Areas

A girl named Olga

In your exploration of the Zone, you will now encounter a new character, a teenage Ukrainian girl named Olga. She’s an inhabitant of The Village, a settlement deep inside the Red Forest, and her hatred for NAR is immense. You will be able to recruit Olga to your base and send her on missions, which will probably involve erasing NAR from Chernobyl – whether they leave or die doesn’t phase her. You will also be able to learn some new skills from her.

Along with Olga, The Farm 51 has also introduced four new quests to Chernobylite with the Pripyat patch. The missions will see you meet some new characters and say farewell to older ones. As always, the choice will be entirely up to you. There will also be a bunch of new events going down in the Red Forest. Who or what is involved remains to be seen.

Chernobylite Web Of Lies Update Pripyat

Chernobylite has also received a bunch of other updates with the Web of Lies patch, including numerous technical improvements and many localization updates. You can check out all the details on Steam, where you can also purchase Chernobylite for 40% off its usual price until June 2.

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