Chernobylite Woman In Red Dress Investigation Clues Guide

“Woman in Red Dress” refers to Tatyana, Igor’s fiancĂ©e, and the very reason why he returned to the Exclusion Zone. You’ll soon find out what truly happened to her. Here’s our Chernobylite guide to help you with the Woman in Red Dress investigation and clues.

Note: For more information, check out our Chernobylite guides and features hub. You can also take a look at our other investigation guides for The Conspiracy, Web of Lies, and Black Stalker. Lastly, please be reminded that this guide contains spoilers.


Chernobylite — Woman in Red Dress investigation and clues guide

Chernobylite‘s campaign is non-linear, which means you can receive missions that aren’t usually in order. Still, there are others that aren’t part of a specific quest, so you can acquire them while you’re free-roaming or doing a different objective.

Note: The clues are listed based on their appearance on the Woman in Red Dress investigation board of Chernobylite.

Chrnbyl 4 Inv Wmrdrs 1

Clue #1: Red Forest (Black Stalker)

Progress through this mission until you reach the end where you’ll discover a mass grave. Pick up the bone fragment which counts as a clue.

Chernobylite Woman In Red Dress Investigation Clues Guide 1

Clue #2: Pripyat Port (Chain Reaction)

You’ll start off in Pripyat Port, but the mission will take you to a NAR prison complex. Igor won’t have any items with him, so you need to grab his gear from a tent near the helipad. The game will tell you that the mission is complete, but don’t leave just yet. Instead, go back to the cells and check the higher floor. One of the prison cells can be opened with a lockpick.

Chernobylite Woman In Red Dress Investigation Clues Guide 2

Clue #3: Pripyat Central (Kozlov Kidnapping/Killing)

Choosing how to handle Kozlov will affect how you’d be able to obtain this clue. Continue with the mission normally until you reach the Kultural Palace Energetik (the large building to the west). Kozlov’s room has the terminal with the clue right behind him.

If you decide to kill him, you can check the computer before you leave. However, if you kidnap him, he and Igor will go through the portal automatically. You won’t be able to pick up this clue during this mission, but you can return later (free-roaming/resource run) to acquire it.

Chernobylite Woman In Red Dress Investigation Clues Guide 3

Clue #4: Pripyat Central (Some Excuses)

You’ll reach one of the tents where Semonov is. The terminal is right behind him.

Chernobylite Woman In Red Dress Investigation Clues Guide 4

Start the VR simulation to find out what happened to Tatyana. Apparently, she was abducted and used in Semonov’s experiments.

Semonov admits that chernobylite isn’t just a mineral, but a sentient, multi-dimensional being. For some reason, Tatyana can withstand the entity’s influence and the plan is to use her as a conduit to open a wormhole to the fractured realm. She’s still trapped in the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, and Igor must do what he can to rescue her.

Chrnbyl 4 Inv Wmrdrs 2

Chernobylite is available via Steam. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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