Bossa Studios, developers of 100% accurate medical title Surgeon Simulator, have hired former Valve employee Chet Faliszek to direct an upcoming PC title. Faliszek, who announced his departure from Valve in May 2017, is known for his narrative work on Half-Life 2, Portal and Left 4 Dead.

In a twitter post today, Faliszek sketches out what he’ll be working on at Bossa. He says he’ll be directing an “unannounced PC action co-op game trying to do something new in the narrative space using AI”. That’s pretty broad, but it should catch the interest of those who liked his work with Valve.

He follows up a VR query by confirming that this particular project is not going to be VR.

Bossa Studios acquired $10 million USD in investment funds earlier this month, which they stated would be used to entice talented designers to the company. Faliszek looks like he’s one of the first to join.

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