Cheyenne Announces Stargate Resistance

Beleaguered developer Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment has revealed Stargate Resistance.The PC-exclusive multiplayer third-person shooter lets players take control of the soldiers of Stargate Command or the System Lords in an attempt to beat their opposition back across the galaxy.Each side has three classes – Soldier, Commando, and Scientist for the SGC, with Jaffa, Ashrak, and Goa’uld making up the System Lords forces – with which to battle their opponents in Team Deathmatch, Capture the Tech, and Domination gametypes.Up to 16 players can battle on each map, and victory on each of the planets adds points to your side’s control of that planet in the grand scheme of things. Getting enough points lets you capture the planet, granting your side bonuses.This has come as a bit of a shock to us, as Cheyenne’s Stargate Worlds has seemingly been in development hell for quite some time, despite a recent email letting us know that the game has been in constant production. As such, this new Stargate game announcement, combined with the fact that Resistance is almost ready and only needs “polishing,” is a bit of a surprise.We’ll see what more we can dig up. For now, check out the official site to see what you think.

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