Child of Light - 6

    Dropping fire from the sky is usually a sensible tactic.

    The ever lovely-looking Child of Light will be released through digital means on PC at the end of April. 30 April to be exact, with a price tag of £12.00 GBP. I know it seems shallow to keep harping on about how great the art style is, but, well, the UbiArt engine does good work.

    Of course a game can’t survive on art style alone, so it’s gratifying to see some interesting turn-based fighting, skill-trees and other such RPG staples make their appearance in the latest trailer (below.)

    In Child of Light, you’ll be exploring around as stolen child Aurora as she attempts the rather ambitious quest of returning the sun, moon and stars to their rightful places, after they were nabbed by the Queen of Night. It all looks fairly promising to me, but encouraging trailers and feature lists have broken my heart before so the proof, as always, will be in the playing.

    Peter Parrish

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