Child of Light gets a free illustrated art book

Child of Light: Reginald the Great, an art book/story set in the picturesque world of Child of Light, is now free to anyone who can click a link.

The book follows Reginald, the son of Robert, as he sets out to find his purpose in life. It’s not particularly long, but it contains a lot of genuinely lovely art, and that’s pretty much enough for me to recommend the 15MB download. Particularly because it’s free.

This download is in honour of the first anniversary of Child of Light. These illustrated books, set a few years after the game, explore the beautiful world from the perspective of different protagonists, hopefully showing another side to Lemuria.

Child of Light came out last year and was a stonkingly beautiful JRPG that, alas, was a little bit repetitive and slow. Utterly charming in its looks, atmosphere, and writing, but not a fantastic JRPG experience. Still lovely enough that I’d tentatively recommend it to anyone interested in it for more than just a JRPG adventure, though.

You can download Child of Light: Reginald the Great by clicking this link.

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