Children Of Morta Shrine Of Challenge

Children of Morta has an extensive 2020 roadmap planned and the first free content update, Shrine of Challenge, has just been released. The Bergson warrior family upheld their role as the guardians of Mount Morta, but their story is far from over.

The Shrine of Challenge update will see you reunite with the Bergsons in their continued efforts to protect the world from the Corruption inside Mount Morta. The update introduces a wealth of new content, including the addition of Hard Mode, which will provide players with an even greater challenge. You will be rewarded accordingly, of course.

Children Of Morta Shrine Of Challenge New Items

Take a closer look at some of the Divine Graces you can acquire in the Shrine of Challenge update.

What’s new for the Children of Morta in the Shrine of Challenge update?

Hard Mode promises to challenge even the most battle-hardened players. In this mode, enemies will have increased health and will deal more damage. But if you prevail, you will earn greater XP rewards.

You have new enemies to defeat, Dark Blade and Mech Constructor. But you also have 18 new items to help you deal with these foes. These new items include Divine Relics, Divine Graces, and Charms. Each one offers players unique ways to dispatch Mount Morta’s corrupt minions. You can cause granite boulders to rain down from the sky or light up your enemies with bolts of lightning.

You can take a brief look at the new features in the Children of Morta Shrine of Challenge trailer below.

If you like what you see, you can pick up Children of Morta on Steam for 30% off for a limited time, and that will include all the new content planned for 2020. You can also check out our review of the game, which thought the rogue-lite action-RPG with hack ‘n slash gameplay was matched by the heartwarming story of the Bergson family.

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