Chinatown Detective Agency Smashes Kickstarter, New Stretch Goals Revealed (4)

The cyberpunk genre seems to be getting a resurgence of late. With CD Projekt Red’s Cyberpunk 2077 still on track for a September release, the anticipation has surely been high for a look into the technologically advanced future. Chinatown Detective Agency is one other cool project gamers can look forward to. With developer General Interactive’s Kickstarter campaign fully funded, the Carmen Sandiego-inspired cyber noir adventure/management game is inching closer to launching.

Passionate support

Chinatown Detective Agency Smashes Kickstarter, New Stretch Goals Revealed (3)

Taking place in a futuristic and predictably neon-lit Singapore about 12 years in the future, Chinatown Detective Agency has players taking on the role of Amira Darma. Opening up her own detective agency after leaving INTERPOL, her investigations will be globetrotting, clue-solving, and case-cracking adventures.

A combination of awesome pixel art and a dash of Carmen Sandiego has created a hardcore community. With the Kickstarter being funded in just 24 days, the support is evident. With the goal met, General Interactive has now revealed even more stretch goals. The expanded multi-language localizations and The Hong Lim Mahjong Club location stretch goals are next. General Interactive has also included a stretch goal for a Nintendo Switch version of the game.

Unraveling mysteries

Other than requiring players to use real-world research and investigation to crack the hard cases, there is another aspect to Chinatown Detective Agency as well. Managing your agency is key to surviving this new world. Your time, money, and staff are essential parts of the experience. Being able to balance them all will help keep your agency afloat.

Chinatown Detective Agency Smashes Kickstarter, New Stretch Goals Revealed (1)

Add some impossible choices that you will have to make, and we have a formula for an exciting time. Our recent preview of Chinatown Detective Agency definitely painted a good picture of what is to come, and we cannot wait.

If developer General Interactive Co. sounds familiar, they were responsible for 2017’s Terroir. Their first release was a 3D tile-based tycoon game where you manage your very own vineyard. With their next project, they hope to continue nurturing emergent storytelling and create interesting mechanics through the fusion of genres.

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