Chivalry 2 launches for Steam this June with the Tenosian Invasion update and four new maps

Chivalry 2 Tenosian Invasion Update New Maps Steam 1

Chivalry 2, the medieval PvP game where you can throw barrels at people, is finally heading to Steam this June. The 64-player game managed to get plenty of updates while it was on the Epic Games Store. Modes, weapons, and more got added to the game since its launch in 2021. Naturally, its move to Steam will be celebrated with, yes, even more stuff. Chivalry 2 launches on Steam with the Tenosian Update, bringing four new maps, a new faction, and more weapon skins.

Chivalry 2 was big when it launched, and it’ll be even bigger when it joins Steam on June 12. The Chivalry 2: Tenosian Invasion update is described as “the largest and most ambitious content update yet for developer Torn Banner Studios.” With it, you’ll get four maps, more armory items, an new team objective, and the new Tenosian faction.


Chivalry 2: Tenosian Invasion let’s you try mounted combat

The big change, however, is that Chivalry 2: Tenosian Invasion will let you ride horses. Mounted combat will change how fans experience the game. And, man, it was crazy enough before, with rushing into a bloody conflict while holding chickens or maliciously tooting horns. Imagine all that and then getting smacked by a dude riding a horse.

“The new, fully-featured mounted combat system makes players feel as if they are fighting atop a thousand-pound beast of war,” reads the press release, “including the ability to trample their foes, land devastating front or rear horse kicks, unhorse their opponents with a lance and engage in deep melee combat with grounded or mounted combatants.”

Chivalry 2 Tenosian Invasion Update New Maps Steam 2

Chivalry 2 will let you ride horses into four new maps. The update includes two team objective maps and two team deathmatch maps. Here they are, courtesy of publisher Tripwire:

  • The Breach of Baudwyn (Team Objective Map): Tenosians break through a Mason Bulwark with siege equipment, including the new explosive Bombards.
  • The Razing of Askandir (Team Objective Map): Masons invade a Tenosian port city, aiming to demolish their lighthouse and burn down their massive library.
  • The Charge of Wardenglade (Team Deathmatch Map): The classic open field, now with cavalry!
  • Desert (Team Deathmatch Map): A battle on the outskirts of Baudwyn in the dark, cold night.

Chivalry 2 releases launches for Steam on June 12.

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