Chivalry: Medieval Warfare’s latest update adds character customisation so players can change their heraldry, colours, helmets and other parts to help them stand out in the middle of battle. Also detailed below is the list of balance changes, a large portion of which features important balancing for weapons and animations.

Quirky bug fixes of note are… “Fixed peasants spawning with weapons” and “Fixed peasant hats turning into helmets when shot off with arrows”, so they can’t defend themselves when you shoot their hats off for armour, I always knew magic was hidden somewhere in Chivalry: Medieval Warfare.

Content Update 2 changes and bug fixes are as follows…

* Server browser fixes!(Tabs works better, favorites work better, browser now uses the Steamworks library optimally and is less likely to make your router cry, etc)
* Tavern map length reduced to 10 minutes.
* Stamina drain from successfully parrying attacks slightly reduced.
* Vanguard primary weapon knockback values toned down.
* Two-hander flinch duration down from 1.1 to 1.0.
* Special daze duration down from 2 to 1.8.
* Crossbow projectile speeds are lower, and the difference between light and heavy crossbow is less drastic.
* Corrected Bardiche sprint attack being .15 faster than other sprint attacks.
* Flail overhead windup from .55 to .5.
* Heavy Flail overhead windup from .6 to .55.
* Spear slash windup from .425 to .475.
* Spear stab windup from .575 to .6.
* Brandistock slash windup from .45 to .5.
* Brandistock stab windup from .55 to .6.
* Fixed the attack grunt sound sometimes desyncing and playing after a late feint server-side.
* Fixed several map exploits.
* Fixed flinch disabling dodge if it occurs in an attack windup.
* Fixed counterattacks maintaining a parry box and blocking attacks during your counter.
* Fixed movement slow persisting after canceling a bow draw.
* Fixed crossbow forced reload after being hit.
* Fixed rebinding primary attack breaking the scoreboard keybind.
* Fixed some broken assets on various maps (missing collision/textures/etc.)
* Fixed missing Norse Sword icon and Falchion model in weapon select.
* Fixed the furthest target in the archer tutorial being unhittable.
* Fixed peasants spawning with weapons
* Fixed peasant death animations
* Fixed peasant hats turning into helmets when shot off with arrows
* Fixed objective labels (Mason messages were being display for Agatha objectives)

With these content updates it seems that Chivalry: Medieval Warfare is proving successful amongst gamers for Steve Piggott, President of Torn Banner Studios, to hold their studio banner up high with the following infographics. You can also check out an old but interesting interview we did with Steve and our team clashing swords as well.

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare Infographic Chivalry: Medieval Warfare Infographic color customization

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