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There are a few different weapons to find in Choo-Choo Charles, but one of them is going to be your best bet for dealing with the spider train himself. While the other weapons are fairly easy to get, one of them is a much taller order. The best weapon in Choo-Choo Charles is most certainly Bob, which is a gun named after the quest-giver’s late husband. It’s damaging, won’t give you cooldown problems like some of the others, and fast enough to keep Charles at bay. But the game doesn’t tell you precisely how you’re supposed to get it outside of a marker on your map in its general location.

First thing’s first: to acquire the quest, head to the red quest icon in the northwest corner of the map. There you’ll meet a woman with part of a weapon on a table by her side. Talk to her and she’ll tell you her husband had been working on the weapon prior to his passing, and that necessary components were stolen. She’ll then add a marker to your map showing you where to go. Once you get there, you’ll notice that it’s the game’s most sizable enemy compound.

The best weapon in Choo-Choo Charles is Bob

You’re not going to want to head directly to the marker. Getting Bob is easier said than done. Take a look at this building higher-up on one side of the compound. This is the first place you’re going to want to go.

Choo Choo Charles Best Weapon Bob 2

Screenshot by PC Invasion

Once you’re in, you’ll want to grab the key on the table.

Choo Choo Charles Best Weapon Bob 3

Screenshot by PC Invasion

Now that you have the key, head to this building on the opposite side.

Choo Choo Charles Best Weapon Bob 4

Screenshot by PC Invasion

Finally, use the key on the door and grab the weapon components to complete Bob.

Choo Choo Charles Best Weapon Bob 5

Screenshot by PC Invasion

But knowing is only half the battle. The compound has a bunch of guards stationed and their patrols alongside the game’s stealth systems mean that it’s very easy to get seen. As such, you’re probably just going to want to run and get everywhere as quickly as possible. If you’d rather not, exit to the main menu every time an enemy sees you. Once you load back in, enemies won’t be aware of you. Although, they’ll see you shortly if you’re near their spawn point, at which point you’ll want to run until you’re about to get blasted before exiting out to the main menu again.

That’s all you need to know to get Bob, the best weapon in Choo-Choo Charles. You’ll make short work of the old boy with Bob, so make sure and grab it if you’d like an easier time.

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