chris roberts star citizenChris Roberts is back at work after last week’s Dogfighting Module reveal to answer more questions about Star Citizen.

In this week’s video update Chris lets us know what the biggest ship will likely be that would actually fit inside the hangar and it sounds like they are still thinking about the best way to deal with larger ships.

Now that procedural generation has been funded ($41m goal) and they are researching this Chris says they’re currently testing it with asteroid fields, the ability to mine asteroids using voxels, star system generation, then planets and so on. The long-term goal is to create a planet where you could  fly about on the surface. It’s still very early days for these features though.

Regarding NPCs and their population, that’s economy driven and as a place becomes more prosperous more people would be attracted to it.  The numbers of NPCs in the galaxy will fluctuate.  A race could not disappear unless it was under a “controlled astro event” according to Chris.

PoI or Person of Interest is a system where players tag other players as what is effectively a target which would be used for tracking an individual should they leave a planet and “deal with them”. A great stalking tool I think you’ll agree.

Can NPCs follow player-made factions? Organisations will be able to hire NPCs to work for them along with normal players. As an example you can hire NPC crew members but they won’t be coming up and asking to join an organisation.

Characters will have localised damage which Chris says will be “decent in the first person stuff” and they have med packs and a med bay. There will also be a family tree for characters and if you did something notable it would be in the Galactipedia which would then talk about your history including family tree.

There will be large scale dynamic events in Star Citizen such as military conflicts or even on a smaller scale a natural disaster. There will be events in which players can be affected.

There will be jump routes that larger ships will not be able to pass through which they think will “make it interesting”. How this is going to work is still not decided but it’s being looked at.

Another wave of questions has been answered and there’s been some decent answers from Chris. The more that gets discussed about Star Citizen the more you realise the huge scale of this project. With the Dogfighting Module  just around the corner the backers and fans must be getting rather excited.

You can watch Chris go through the questions below and he shows off a lethal-looking knife that was sent to him by fans. Not really sure what they’re trying to say with that gift.

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