July 7th, 2015

Chris Roberts details Star Citizen multiplayer

Chris Roberts is back with another Star Citizen update today and it’s a big one. In this update he details how the game’s multiplayer will function and explains it by going through a typical in-game scenario.

According to Roberts, the game will be one persistent universe utilising some trickery with the way the game’s server will handle scenarios based on where you are in the game, your allegiances and your friends. It’s a pretty daunting task with a game of this scale but the solutions explained by Roberts sounds quite elegant with minimum disruption the player.

By utilising instancing for various locations and situations, Roberts says that their Galaxy Server will “dynamically place players based on their location, skill level, alignment and player versus player (PvP) preference into battle instances”. This will help alleviate overcrowding and also reduce the load, not only on the server, but also on player’s PC as only relevant scenarios and other players will be visible to you.

With solo, co-op and full PvP in play, the server will effectively select the content suitable to your play choice, and as Roberts explains, the more confident you become in the world by engaging with more players and PvP, the servers adjusts the content delivered accordingly.

It’s a highly detailed update from Roberts so if you are following the game I suggest you check it out in full





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