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Chris Roberts

Chris Roberts is back with the latest update on Star Citizen and Arena Commander.

In the latest episode of “10 for the Chairman” Chris shows off the high-end Constellation ship model as an aside but gets down to answering more questions about the game.

First up is a question about ground crew and whether they will appear in hangars. That’s not been decided but there will be ground crew milling around when you land on planets and landing zones.

Regarding custom keybindings for different ships, they will be adding different keybinding profiles for different ships that can be saved although it’s unlikely to be in the game from day one.

Cloud Imperium are thinking about adding NPCs to the multi-crew ships in Arena Commander when they are eventually available. Initially it will just be your friends. At what point they are added depends on how well the Sqaudron 42 team progress but it’s likely to be tested in Arena Commander before being added to the Persistent Universe.

Why are ships that are developed not being added to hangars? The simple answer is the amount of time it takes to get a ship fully developed for the hangers and then space flight which can take months to complete. Around 3-6 months to get a ship fully developed according to Chris.

The video, which you can find below, also includes questions on Organisations, landing zones on remote areas on planets, and more. Watch below for all the answers.

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