New trailer for the Gothic 1 remake shown at THQ Nordic showcase

Gothic remake trailer spider monster

Although the fantasy action RPG Gothic did not make a huge splash in terms of sales, it still managed to garner a fair bit of praise from fans and critics alike. With this in mind, THQ Nordic no doubt captured the attention of fans when it released a playable demo of a potential Gothic remake in 2019 to gauge player reactions. The announcement in early 2020 that a complete remake would indeed happen confirmed that the demo ended up successful. Any potential doubt regarding the demo’s success dissipated thanks to today’s THQ Nordic digital showcase, which featured a full two-minute trailer of the Gothic remake.

Notably, the trailer did not showcase any gameplay, as it consisted entirely of long, sweeping shots of the remake’s enhanced environments and NPC models. It starts off in a calm outdoor mining town before transitioning into a network of dark caves. The initially peaceful atmosphere eventually takes a turn for the unsettling when a group of giant spider-like creatures devours two of the townsfolk traveling through the cave.


Gothic remake will be updated, while staying true to the classic

According to the Steam page, the Gothic remake boasts a “modernized combat system that takes the basic premises of the original combat system to the modern age.” Players control the Nameless Hero as they explore the mining colony, engage with its challenges, and defend themselves against all sorts of dangerous animals and convicts.

So far, it seems that developer Alkimia Interactive has put its all into faithfully recreating the setting of Gothic using modern technology. Fans may or may not feel positive about the new, in-game visuals after watching the trailer, but whether or not fans truly enjoy the Gothic remake comes down to the gameplay, which the developers have not explained much of. Hopefully, the changes made to the gameplay and visuals will enhance what fans appreciated about the original version.

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