Two things struck me when I saw the announcement that Cinemaware was launching a kickstarter campaign for an HD ‘Director’s Cut’ of the WW1 arcade flight title Wings. First; Cinemaware is still around?! Second; damn, they didn’t go with It Came From The Desert (still the best ever game to feature giant ants, hospital escapes and knife fights with 50s greasers).

Mind you, Wings was no slouch on the Amiga and if I’d had to choose any Cinemaware title other than It Came From The Desert to receive an HD update, it would probably be the WW1 fighter ace game. Not least because games set in WW1 are few and far between.

Wings combined first-person dogfighting, top-down bombing runs and third-person strafing missions, interspersed with the latest tales from your flight squadron. As the war progressed towards its conclusion, missions become increasingly tough.

Cinemaware (and Raylight Studios, who’ll be handling development) are looking for $350,000 to re-release Wings in shiny HD-o-vision. As usual, expect reward tiers with fabulous gifts if you donate large sums of cash.

Here’s a pitch video featuring a saucy hologram pilot and some excited German people.

Source: Kickstarter

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