Cities In Motion Pre-Order Bonuses & Trailer

Colossal Order has announced a small garage of bonus vehicles for those who pre-order the transport organisation simulator Cities In Motion.
Right now the game’s website just has a link to pre-ordering at GamersGate ($20.00 USD), but promises more locations to get hold of the game soon.
Those five pre-order vehicles include “the Jubilee Blim bus, one of the iconic minibuses of the early 1960’s, the Skylark III helicopter, a civilian version of the French military model, and the Arnauld Porte metro train which first entered service in London in 1915.”
Publisher Paradox Interactive has announced that the game has gone gold and will release on PC from 22 February.
We also have a new trailer from the game, showing how to set up a tram line and suggesting that the title will have a nifty jazz score.

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