The Paradox Fan Gathering event is underway at Gamescom, and the first major announcement to break cover is an expansion for Cities Skylines called After Dark.

This is the first major expansion for the game and will add a day-night cycle to the city building sim. Colossal Order’s presentation mentioned that After Dark will be adding a couple of new specialisations for commercial zones: ‘leisure’ entertainment zones to boost night life options, and a ‘beach front’ that you can add near water to increase the value of waterfront properties.

Those things will also bring more tourists to your Cities: Skylines creations, so After Dark introduces a taxi service to help ferry people around the place. It was mentioned that jails will be added, along with a revamp to police departments (perhaps to deal with rowdy nightlife.)

Here’s the reveal trailer. If there was a release window mentioned, I didn’t catch it (and the trailer doesn’t mention one either.) So file this under “coming soon” for now.

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