Cities: Skylines dev diary details modding

Cities: Skylines dev diary details modding

The latest Cities: Skylines dev diary is out, and this one’s all about how much you can alter the game with mods.

This three-minute video has the dev team discussing both their own history with modding, and what sort of things you can do with Cities: Skylines. In terms of more simple stuff, you can edit the landscape and create the map on which you want to build your city. If you want to do something a little bit more impressive then you can edit assets, import custom models, and redecorate existing assets – which, if I understand correctly, means it should be a fairly simple matter to do something like personalise a park. Then there’s the modding API, which is rather more complex; I’m not even going to pretend to understand that, but according to the wiki it’s “presently minimalistic” but will “evolve alongside users’ wishes in the future.”

You can hear about this stuff in the video below, or have a look at the modding guide on the Cities: Skylines wiki for a bit more in-depth information.

Cities: Skylines is due out on 10 March.

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