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All roads lead to more roads.

In a first development diary, Colossal Order share a whole lot of information about building roads in Cities: Skylines. Since roads are pretty crucial to a city functioning (unless you create some kind of amazing rail and tram only system, I guess,) it’s a topic worth dwelling on.

And dwell they do, talking through the basics of road construction to bridge placement. According to the dev piece, Colossal want the Cities: Skyline road placement tool to be as versatile as possible. Among other things, you’ll be placing “straight, curved and freeform roads” and will also have access to a road upgrading tool. This tool can be used to “used to upgrade a small road into a medium or large road or a small road without decorative elements into a road that has them.”

The different road types, naturally, have different functions. From smaller suburban roads, to large highways. Most roads have decoration variants (such as trees,) which can also serve to mask noise pollution.

If you fancy more information about roads in Cities: Skylines, the rest of the diary entry deals with parking, bus stops, bridges and this interesting feature: “I am happy to announce that in Cities: Skylines it is possible to determine whether the traffic is right- or left-handed. In Cities: Skylines one of the key points in road building and the behavior of vehicles was to make it possible to change the side of the traffic easily. Instead of complex, hand-crafted animations for public transport vehicles and such all is handled through code which gives a lot more freedom compared to manually animating each vehicle to work with both right- and left-handed traffic.”

Finally, here are a whole bunch of road-related screenshots.

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