Even former SimCity creators are getting in on Cities: Skylines modding, as demonstrated by this coal power plant release by a chap who used to be at Maxis.

They go by the name ‘MaxisLime’ on Reddit, where the Cities: Skylines mod was also submitted (along with a few more details.)

“I worked on SimCity 2013 for about a year and a half as an artist. Definitely had my fair share of building creations, but it was rare that I’d ever make an entire building from start to finish that was entirely my own,” says MaxisLime in response to a question from Paradox staffer ‘TotalyMoo.’

Moo, in return, says “It’s great to have actually professional people assisting the modding scene” and posts a couple of links to Paradox and Colossal Order job listing pages in case MaxisLime fancies applying for something.

Getting back to the coal power plant mod itself, it’s described as a “Slightly enhanced version of the original coal power plant, but at the cost of slightly increased noise pollution and increased minor increased construction cost.”

Lime’s stated intention for the project was to get something out relatively quickly, while learning as much about the design and modding process for Cities: Skylines as they could.

As the Paradox employee notes on Reddit, it’s heartening to see experienced submissions in the mod community.

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