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If you noticed Cities: Skylines updating today, that’s because some free ‘Match Day’ DLC has been added to the game alongside the latest patch. A few custom, in-game items that were previously only available as pre-order bonuses have been included too.

Match Day lets you add football stadiums to your cities, in honour of the upcoming Euro 2016 tournament. The functionality of these stadia will extend to “Football match mechanics”. It’s not entirely clear what this latter phrase means, but the announcement does say they come with “all the benefits and challenges of hosting major sporting events”. So presumably traffic and potential policing issues, as well as boosts to local happiness or something.

It’ll also be possible to customise the colour of the football team playing in your Cities: Skylines stadium, if you have a particular preference.

The previously pre-order items being added to the game today are the Carousel, Dog Park, Bouncy Castle, Basketball Court and Botanical Garden. Plenty of outdoor activities to keep your Cities: Skylines citizens cheerful, then.

Here are the change notes for patch 1.5.0.

  • Pre-order content added to the base game!
  • Email subscription included on the Paradox account creation page
  • Fixed: ‘Unsubscribe All’ and ‘Add style’ are inconsistent with rest of the buttons in Content Manager under Style and Steam Workshop tabs
  • Fixed: Incorrect lighting on H2 3×2 Office13 building during day
  • Fixed: {0} symbol appear next to the price while buying new tile in DE
  • Fixed: Solar Plant producing lower amount of energy during night (Solar power plant now produces 70% of the daytime output during the night)
  • Fixed: Parks & Recreation policy mentioned the Decoration budget (now Decoration is removed)
  • Fixed: Map Editor: Saving a new map (in the map editor) and then loading it result in broken map
  • Fixed: Expansion 1: Design: Tourism Specialization does not attract more tourists
  • Fixed: Expansion 1: Bikers stands backwards when waiting at a red light
  • Fixed: LOC: GER: The “Young Adults” text in a district’s Info Panel is cut off
  • Fixed: Text: Names exceeding 14 characters are cut-off
  • Fixed: Text: UI: The text fields of citizens or vehicles info panels can overlap when using long custom names
  • Fixed: UI: The number of unread chirps overlaps city notifications, causing it to flicker as well
  • Fixed: Text: UI: Several characters are cut off when displayed in the City Name text field, of the New Game panel
  • Fixed: Bus doors are on the wrong side when using left hand traffic
  • Fixed: Snowplow blade face the wrong way when using left hand traffic
  • Fixed: Landscaping: Tooltip for “Parks and Recreation” policy in milestone menu mentions “Decoration”
  • Fixed: LOC: RU: The text box for “Cost: {0} / cell” (“Стоимость: {0} / клетка”) is overlapping in Hydro Power Plant info

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