Cities Skylines patched before release with tweaks

Colossal Order are gearing up for Tuesday’s Cities Skylines release with a patch.

There’s only a few more days left until Cities Skylines goes live on the Steam and the development team has updated the pre-release version of the game with quite a few tweaks to improve some of the game mechanics. Some amusing highlights in this update include cars trying not to run over pedestrians and train collision has been improved.

There appears to be a cosmetic change in the land pollution too with the purple looking ground pollution now a slightly more grey colour which makes it a little more aesthetically pleasing. Tips have also been added to the loading screens to make sure players don’t make silly mistakes. Traffic also looks to be performing a little better but we’ll be experimenting more with that later today.

Cities: Skylines releases on Tuesday and so far people who have been playing the game, including ourselves, have been enjoying the game so far.

1.0.3 – 3/6/2015

  • Critical JIRA issues fixed
  • Colour variation tweaking
  • Loading bar and tips
  • Asset importer fixes
  • Train collision detection improved
  • Achievement tab is disabled when achievements are disabled
  • Multiple localisation fixes
  • Vehicle doors properly configured
  • Highways work better in infoview
  • Load game is greyed if there are no save files
  • Automatic thumbnail creation for custom assets added
  • Bunch of thumbnails for assets
  • Cars try to not run over pedestrians
  • Stupid pedestrian pathfind in beautification path junctions fixed
  • Fire house has black base fixed
  • Pathfind/collision detection related fixes and improvements
  • Links to workshop in content panel added
  • Steam checks if app is owned
  • The game quits if user doesn’t own the game
  • 21:9 support fixed

Thanks SkylinesCity.

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