Cities: Skylines reverts to 1.0.6b after save issues with patch 1.0.7b

Cities: Skylines should have rolled back to version 1.0.6b on Steam today, after it was found that the 1.0.7b update caused chaos with the saved game system.

A post on the official Paradox forums confirms the roll-back. “Our newest patch, 1.0.7b, unintentionally made it impossible to properly load a large amount of save-games,” says ‘TotalyMoo’ of developers Colossal Order. 1.0.6b will be the default version until the issue has been identified and fixed.

If you fancy taking your changes with Cities: Skylines version 1.0.7b anyway, it’s possible to access it as a beta branch of the game through Steam. To do this (at your own risk,) right-click on the game in your Steam library, navigate to “properties” and then the beta tab. 1.0.7b should be available as a drop-down option.

If it turns out that your saves don’t work in that version, you can always revert back to 1.0.6b by following the same steps as above and just opting out again.

Confused about which version number you’re running? It should be displayed in the lower right corner on the Cities: Skyline main menu.

You can read about what patch 1.0.7b will be bringing to the title once the problems are sorted out in this changelog thread. Among other things, it’ll be adding the Japanese Zen Garden to everyone’s game.

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