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The next Cities: Skylines update (Snowfall) will be released next week, on 18 February, and will be accompanied by a patch that adds a few new features to the game for free. Players won’t need to own the expansion pack to use these, they’ll be distributed to everybody.

This update patch will arrive at the same time as Snowfall, on the 18th. Here’s what it’ll add as freebies:

  • Rain and fog-based cosmetic weather for existing maps outside the new “Winter” themed maps
  • A new Theme Editor for map modding, allowing players to create new Map Themes ranging from different terrain styles to incredible alien worlds (see image above).
  • An expanded UI for public transportation management
  • New Chirps from everyone’s favorite in-game social media avatar
  • New Hats for everyone’s favorite in-game social media avatar
  • Newfound respect for everyone’s favorite in-game social media avatar (not too sure about this one, personally).

As well as all that, Cities: Skylines players might want to be aware of a livestream happening tomorrow – 10 February, at 17.00 CET (8:00am Pacific) – which will show off some Snowfall-specific features. Paradox’s Twitch channel will be the place to be for that.

Peter Parrish

The Division’s open beta begins 19 February

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