Cities XXL

The Cities XL city builder is back with an improved engine, multi-core support and an extra letter X.

Announced on their Facebook page, Focus Home Interactive are to reinvigorate their Cities XL series with a new title called Cities XXL.

PC gamers rather enjoyed Cities XL due to its scale but it has a major problem with performance. Cities XXL hopes to address all the perfromance problems with a new version of the game engine which will include multi-core support. The announcement on Facebook reads:

“We’re thrilled to announced the return of the world’s largest city builder, filled to the brim with new features allowing you to expand the scope of the game further than any Cities XL game before it. Introducing: Cities XXL!

Create and manage enormous cities on the latest version of the ‘Cities’ engine with multi-core support. With a smooth FPS no matter the size and complexity, there are no longer any limits on the richness and diversity of your sprawling metropolis. New features, buildings, and other details will be revealed over the coming weeks. Stay tuned!”

This is good news for fans of Cities XL and city builder games because now we have two upcoming games in Cities: Skylines from Paradox and the new Cities XXLSim City was a real disappointment with its cramped city sizes but at least the genre is returning to what it should be, large scale city creations.

I have been tempted by Cities XL many times on Steam, but the more you read about the performance issues, the less enticing the game is. Hopefully Focus will make Cities XXL the game the original should have been.

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Paul Younger
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